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Privacy & Confidentiality

Privacy and Confidentiality


Privacy and your data – what to expect

We endeavour to conform to the requirements of the new GDPR (2018) and only hold information appropriate to the therapy/training course you request so we have sufficient background to give you the best care.


What to expect from Cumbria Therapies

Your data is never given to anyone else without your permission. The likely recipients of initial information are the therapists or counsellors who work out of our premises and we will confirm your agreement to pass it on to them.

The only exception to this is if we have concerns for your well-being or the safety of others. We’ll involve you in this decision as far as possible. 

Cumbria Therapies web site, email, phone or paper systems may temporarily store any data you exchange with us. We only retain this information long enough to answer queries or pass referrals to therapists or counsellors who work out of our premises. Once your referral has been acknowledged by the therapist or counsellor we will delete any electronic information.  If we hold any paper information it will be stored in locked filing cabinets in a locked room. This will held for a minimum period as prescribed by legal, professional or insurance requirements.

Copies of payment receipts are held for tax purposes only.

We do not use cookies on our web site.

We do not send marketing information.


What to expect from the therapists and counsellors who work out of our premises

We do not employ any therapists or counsellors directly.

The therapists and counsellors who work out of our premises are independent practitioners, working in their own right and with their own individual professional indemnity insurance.

They too must comply with GDPR (2018) and you can get their Privacy and Data Protection policies directly from them.