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Louise Bell
* Hot Stones Massage
* Indian Head Massage 
* Reflexology
* Sports Massage
* Swedish Body Massage

Louise's Journey:

I came from an office based background, having worked in accountancy firms, estate agents and travel agents to name a few. 

I never lasted more than a year before I got bored in a role, and my epiphany came one evening as I was mulling over what job I could next move to.

I realised I needed certain things from my job:

* I needed a ‘trade’

* I wanted to do ‘manual’ work

* I wanted to be my own boss

I began ticking off jobs that fit into those three things, and came up with Beauty.  I studied at a private college in Edinburgh for a year’s intensive training and graduated with an ITEC qualification in Beauty.  It was while I was studying this I completed a facial massage module.  I was in love!

My passion since that day has and always will be massage.  The human body never ceases to amaze me and I love learning about the body’s systems and the interaction between them and how massage can help them.  I followed the beauty course with qualifications in:

Swedish body massage

Indian head massage

Sports massage


Hot stone massage

I’m currently studying towards an Aromatherapy massage Diploma, and hope to add that to my list in September 2017, and will be attending a palpatory course in April 2017 to further my learning and help my clients.

I work Tuesdays and occasionally some Saturdays.

Whether you have a specific problem or just need regular maintenance I can help.